PST Repair Tool

MS Outlook email recovery software.

This article is helpful, if you have Microsoft Outlook 98 or later installed in your system.

Get Outlook Repair Toolbox if you encounter some data corruption related difficulties when accessing MS Outlook folders. This program is so easy that you can immediately download .pst file repair tool for Outlook 2000 when something goes wrong with your mailbox and follow its directions. It is free to try, please proceed to Outlook.pst repair tool download if the damage of Microsoft Outlook files is already occurred and there are no alternatives like backup copies.

MS Outlook PST Repair tool Download

This approach to the safety of MS Outlook files allows recovering pst files after the occurrence of any problem, causing the damage email folders in Microsoft Outlook format. Please read the detailed description of how it works and try to reproduce on your PC.

Download .PST file repair tool for Outlook 2000

1. Download .pst file repair tool for Outlook 2000 or for any other version of this email client and double click this file to continue.

2. When the process of MS Outlook pst repair tool download is successfully completed, use the shortcut of Outlook Repair Toolbox to start and prepare to fix the damage of pst files. Click the open file button, browse local disks and select a file of pst format for analysis. Make sure you have the permission of account owner, if the analysis of another pst file is planned. As for the rest there are no special instructions.

3. Click Next to continue and get some rest until the analysis is completed, it may take some time depending on the speed of your PC and other factors.

4. Wait until Outlook Repair Toolbox moves to the following stage and preview the results of analysis. Check the integrity of repaired mailbox and make sure you may keep on working with this file. Save it to any location on your PC.

5. Open Microsoft Outlook, click File-Open-Open Outlook data file, select a file of pst format and link it to your mailbox. As soon as this step is successfully completed, you may keep on using this mailbox like before.

.PST repair tool Outlook 2007 download

Do not forget that you may start the .pst repair tool Outlook 2007 download immediately and without any restrictions. The testing of Outlook Repair Toolbox is free so you may get it anytime by starting Outlook.pst repair tool download on any computer. And do not worry about the system requirements of this application, it runs on any hardware.

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Note: Outlook Repair Toolbox development team is do not distributed software under GNU General Public License (GPL), MPL or something like that. This tool is not freeware. Outlook Repair Toolbox have a Free DEMO version for all. Outlook Repair Toolbox is not open source software. This software not include donate.

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Selecting the source *.pst file you want to repair.
Select program work mode.
Reading (detecting and recovering) data from the selected *.pst file.
Specifying the path where to save the recovered data.
Selecting the method of saving the recovered data.
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